Corporate Image Assessment

Image? Yes! Image is very important and is everything! We know, and we thought you should also know. This is why we have gone to a great extent to put together a tutorial (manual) that will help you build a positive corporate image for your organisation.

But first, we start by helping you build a personal positive image by highlighting approaches you can use to improve your image rating. Afterwards, we address your corporate brand image. The manual comes with relevant case studies to aid complete understanding of topics discussed.

You should never forget that a positive corporate image will establish a unique identity for your organisation, influence your clients’ perception of your firm, and help to build lasting trust and loyalty for your brand. In addition, a positive brand image will increase your clientele base and ultimately lead to increased sales.

Our interactions and experiences, over the years, with different categories of staff in diverse organisations have underscored the fact that a lot of organisations have image problems created for them by their staff. To effect any positive changes, these staff need proper and formal training in image management. This need is what our training manual intends to address.

The success or otherwise of your organisation depends, to a large extent, on its earned reputation. Let us assist you in building a lasting image for your firm
through our Corporate Brand Image training. We guarantee its effectiveness and relevance. Excellence is our watch-word!

Level 1

  • History of Image
  • Image and you
  • Image as a priority
  • Building a positive image
  • Selling your image

Level 2

  • Brand Positivity
  • Brand Reputation
  • Brand Boosting
  • Brand Censoring

Level 3

  • Maintaining a Positive Corporate Image
  • Leveraging Associations to Enhance Brand
  • Measuring Brand Image
  • Image Reward

The manual structure is made up of three levels, learn how to give your brand a positive image by clicking on the get manual  button.

Also available is our podcast with detailed explanations on each of the three levels of the course.