A Review of the Africa Real Estate Summit Awards and Expo, 2023 in Nigeria

During a conversation between Just Itty LTD and the founder of The Africa Real Estate Summit, Mr Onyeka Matthew Onwuka, we asked him to tell us in one word the effect of the annual Africa Real Estate Summit & Expo. His answer was simple: “Knowledge.” What does this mean? According to him, knowledge is acquired through education. When people are properly educated about anything whatsoever in navigating life, taking advantage of it becomes an easy task. But how so? Since its maiden edition, the Summit has worked to impact in its attendees, knowledge that is timeless. By specially engaging the participants in a series of workshops that provide them with all the relevant information that agents, brokers, and investors need to thrive and be successful in the world of real estate.

For her third edition in Lagos & Abuja (the first edition was held in Lagos, Nigeria, and the second in Accra, Ghana), a line-up of prolific speakers were engaged to discuss real estate and investments in this digital age. Several areas surrounding the 2023 theme – Building a Better Africa: Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Africa – were examined.

The speakers for the real estate workshop for day 1 in Lagos included Tunde Obileye LL.B(Hons) CIWFM LL.B, Founding partner at TWT, Chair-IWFM Nigeria; Alian Deketelaere, Sales Manager, Serena Bay Luxury Resorts, Cabo Verde; Osinachi Victor Nwandem, FICIArb, MCIArb Senior Associate at Aluko & Oyebode; Sesi Hundeyin, FICIArb Partner, Bloomgate Solicitors; and Tope. A, CEO, LITCAF.

The topics that were discussed at the workshop included:

  1. Implementing Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management – Discussed by Tunde Obileye, LL. B(Hons) CIWFM LL.B, Founding Partner at TWT. This discourse was made to enrich the broker with relevant information on the best methods to adopt to properly sustain any kind of facility.
  2. International Real Estate Marketing and Investment Opportunities – The world of real estate is vast. The key stakeholders (investors and clients) that make up this industry can be situated in any part of the world. Alian Deketelaere, Sales Manager, Serena Bay Luxury Resorts, Cabo Verde explained why developing the right skills to pitch to these key stakeholders is important. He also explained how one can successfully pitch to these stakeholders in any part of the world.
  3. Mastering Off -Plan Real Estate in Nigeria: Contracting Strategies for Investor and Developer Protection – Osinachi Victor Nwandem, FICIArb, MCIArb Senior Associate at Aluko & Oyebode opened the eyes of all attendees to the important strategies to adopt as an investor and developer to stay protected in this industry.
  4. Fundamentals of Successful Real Estate Acquisition in Nigeria – A lot of acquisition takes place in this industry. But how well do you know the process? Sesi Hundeyin, FICIArb Partner, shared more about this at the summit.
  5. Quality Assurance, Referrals & Claims – Tope A, CEO of LITCAF ensured that agents mastered the art and process involved in developing a quality assurance template, and how referrals and claims are made.

The Africa Real Estate Summit, 2024

For 2024, the Africa Real Estate Summit & Expo and Africa Real Estate Certificate Masterclass is scheduled to be held in Nairobi, Kenya in June. The theme for 2024 has been announced as Enhancing Sustainable Real Estate Development in Africa. As always, the Summit is going to be a gathering of stakeholders in real estate. These people have seen the need to come together to discuss this very important theme.

Undoubtedly, these discussions will benefit anyone who is just attempting to start out in real estate. It will also benefit those who already have a career in real estate. But you don’t have to pursue a career in real estate to advocate for sustainable real estate development in Africa. And just like the founder puts it, the aim of the Summit is to equip all attendees with ‘knowledge.’ That also means that you are welcome to &acquire relevant knowledge at all Summits conducted by Africa Real Estate International. Please make plans to attend the 2024 Summit in Nairobi, June. A lot awaits you there!

For more details about the events organised by the Africa Real Estate International, please click here

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